What is the Precision run of Triathlon Estonia?

It is one exiting event where everyone has possibility to win the race even without having level of top runner. Participant have to own ambition to move only because the goal of race is feel Your predetermined target speed on six different trail splits. Only one split has speed which is suitable for faster runners. If You run slower than predetermined speed, it will be added 2 penalty seconds per every lost seconds. If You run faster than predetermined speed, it will be added 5 penalty seconds per every won seconds. The sum of splits result will be calculated as final result.


Split 1 km and predetermined speed is 5 min/km.

Getting time 5:05,  2 penalty seconds will be added per every five lost seconds. Split result will be calculated 5:15

Getting time 4:55,  5 penalty seconds will be added per every five won seconds. Split result will be calculated 5:20

 When and where: Tuesday, 15th of May 2019 Keila Terviserajal at 6 PM

The map of start area: Parking area of Keila health paths 

Race track

Distance – 5 km

Split 1- 0,68 km

Split 2- 0,29 km

Split 3 – 0,37 km

Split 4 – 0,8 km

Split 5 – 1,7 km

Split 6 – 1,15 km


Girls and boys – 2006 and younger

Ladies and young man – 2001 to 2005

Woman and man – 2000 and older


  • Amount of participants are limited: up to 270 participants.
  • You can do preregistration here.
  • Preregistration end three days before the event date
  • Participation fee is 6 €.
  • Participants list You can find here.
  • On event day You can register on site (if limit not filled already) at 5 up to 7 PM. Participation fee on site is 10 €.

Main rules 

Single starts with 20 sec time difference.

Timing equipment for assistance is forbidden: watches, phones itc – ones which could help measure time and/or distance.

For get information from personal assistance is forbidden.


Organizer will be provided: energy drink, digital timing with live results, electronic diploma, sauna.

Awarding: Medals for first three of each group. Digital diploma will be generated when You click to Your name in finish protocol.

Participant who will get most precise result will be awarded as price money 100 €!

Using images: Organizer has right to use  all images and recordings which will be done during the race in marketing field

Time schedule

  • 17.00 to 19.00 on site registering and numbers sharing.
  • 18.00 to 19.30 single starts
  • 20:15 (appr.) awarding