Rapid development of technology has made it possible to send information faster and we are going to use that to gather location information of the competitors in real time via a personal mobile phone.

An application for hunters called LiveTeam Huntloc has proved to be trustworthy and is suitable for our needs.

If you start the competition and wish to share your location on the track with the public via large information screen then please download the free app here: Huntloc

A special code for the ’hunt location’ that is needed for the app to work will be given to the competitors during the competition breefing.

During a long competition problems with a battery life may come up, some solutions for that problem may be: using a separate battery bank, switching off unnecessary apps, switching on your mobile phone only occasionally etc.

When starting using the app please use a username that can be easily identified later. On the main screen of the app there is a possibility to send a text message via one click to everyone at once in case of an emergency for example.

The idea that using a mobile phone during the competition is prohibited is getting out of date and this year we are changing it so mobile phones are allowed now to enhance security on the track, pass on information faster and add excitement on the finish area among the public.