EVENT GUIDE for the Athlete


We thank You for coming to Triathlon Estonia!

The organising team recommends that you familiarize yourself with the information below in order to have an enjoyable experience on the day of the race.

INFORMATION: Contact urmas.paejarv@gmail.com for any queries ahead of and following the race. On race day, athletes are encouraged to turn to the organisers with any questions they may have. Be sure to go over the race REGULATIONS, EVENT PROGRAM and COURSE DESCRIPTION one more time.

LET’S KEEP NATURE CLEAN: We kindly ask athletes to not dispose of any bottles, empty gel packets and other litter anywhere but the designated recovery stations.

WRISTBANDS: The blue wristbands are for the athletes. The yellow wristbands are for one of the athlete’s companions. The green wristbands are for the volunteers. We strongly recommend to put the wristbands on 1n the mornig of the race. You’ll will find the wristbands in the envelope containing the starting materials.

TRAFFIC INFO: The bike segment takes place on open roads. Part of the run segment in Keila takes place on a street open to traffic. Every athlete is required to follow traffic law and not set themselves or other athletes in danger.

There will be a designated traffic controller on every larger intersection on the bike course. Every athlete is required to follow the controllers’ instructions.

PARKING: The parking instructions for starting area You will find HERE. For safety reasons, leaving your vehicle along the main road is strictly forbidden.

At the finish area: We suggest parking in the parking lots of Keila Health Centre or Keila School. Parking instruction You will find HERE. Parking along Ehitajate tee and Paldiski maantee is forbidden.

RACE BRIEFING: The race briefing takes place on day before at 17:00 in the sports hall of Keila Health Centre. Taking part is not mandatory but strongly suggested nevertheless!

PS: During the same time take place olympic triathlon race.

STARTING MATERIALS:  The starting materials can be obtained from the sports hall of Keila Health Centre on briefing and in the morining of the race, the secretariat is open at the starting area latest from 06:00 up to 10:30.

The marking of the athletes also takes place in the secretariat of the starting area on the morning of race day.

TOILETS: Toilets are located in the Starting Area, bike drink station, run drink station and in the Finish Area.

LOGISTICS FROM THE STARTING AREA TO THE FINISH AREA: The organiser will transport all swimming gear correctly left in the T1 transition area to the finish area. We ask the athletes to leave their gear in the assigned bags, and not laying around in the transition area.

Athletes may also leave the organisers a bag in the starting area which they wish to retrieve in the finish area.

All items left to the organisers in T1 and the starting area can be collected in the finish area beside the T2 transition upon presenting your race bib.

TRANSPORTATION: The organizer provide VAN transportation between start and finish area according it is required.

ENERVIT DRINK COURIER: Athletes may bring their own drink bottles and race food that they wish to send to the run and bike drink stations to the Enervit tent in the starting area. Every athlete will be given a personal box, which will have marked on their number, name and the drink station (run or bike).

The athlete will be able to find their box on a separate table in the drink station.


You participate at your own risk!

SWIM SEGMENT: Use of a wetsuit is recommended. The race organizers may forbid the use of swimsuits if the water temperature exceeds 24.0 degree Celsius one hour before the race.

On the full distance race the athletes swim two laps while on the half-distance race they swim one lap on the lake. Please check the COURSE MAP AND DESCRIPTION.

The turns on the swim course are marked with buoys. The buoys shall always be to your left.

Volunteers on SUP boards and motorboats will be accompanying the swimmers and acting as lifeguards throughout the swim course.

The start and exit points from the water are marked with large inflatable gates.

T1: Entry to the transition zone is allowed only to the athletes carrying the race bib. Athletes may only leave the necessary race gear in the transition area. Leaving backpacks, plastic crates etc. to the area is not allowed.

There are separate changing tents available in the transition zone for both women and men.

The team relay atheletes are to pass over the timing chip to the team member doing the bike segment.

BIKE SEGMENT: The profile of the bike course is extremely flat. It runs mostly on Via Baltica between Kanama overpass and Ääsmäe. Please check the COURSE MAP AND DESCRIPTION.

On the roads and motorways the athletes shall use the side of the road, not the lanes open for the traffic.

The drink station is located at the far end of the loop just before turning around at Ääsmäe, at the resting area next to the road. The athletes will be offered the following: Enervit sports drink, water, bananas, raisins, salt, bread and pickles (plus your own drinks if You sent them there using Enervit drink courier).

An athlete that does not require the services of the drink station can ride straight and does not need to go through the resting area!

Please read through carefully once more the TRAFFIC INFO section above.

T2: Transition zone T2 is located next to the Keila Health Centre (Keila Tervisekeskus).

There are separate changing tents available in the transition zone for both women and men.

The team relay atheletes are to pass over the timing chip and the race bib to the team member doing the run segment.

RUN SEGMENT: The run course is located in the town of Keila. The loop is predominantly asphalt-covered, but also has sections on park paths. A small section of the loop is on a quiet back-street that is open to regular traffic! Please check the COURSE MAP AND DESCRIPTION.

The loop is 5.27km long and the athletes are to run 4 and 8 loops respectively for the half- and full-distance race.

The first athletes to the run course will be accompanied by a race official on a bike to introduce the run loop.

On the run loop there are two drink stations. One offers only water while the other one is stocked with a wide variety of refresments: Enervit sports drink, water, cola, bananas, raisins, salt, bread and pickles.

When finishing the final loop, the athlete will make a U-turn on the crossing of Ehitajate tee and Paldiski mnt and enter the 40 m long finish lane.

FINISH: After crossing the finish line the athlete will be given a finisher bag.

Immediately after crossing the finish line, athletes can enjoy the richly covered recovery table, where one can find smoothies, oranges, raisins, nuts, chocolate, salt, pickles, bread, Enervit vitamin drink.

Finish will be closed after arrival of the last athlete but no later than 01:00.

RETRIEVAL OF THE BIKE AND OTHER GEAR: After the race the athletes can retrieve their bike and other gear from the T2 transition zone by presenting their race bib and returning the timing chip. The transition zone will be opened for retrieval of the bikes and gear as soon as the last athlete has gone through the T2 to the run segment.

In case an athlete has lost the timing chip the athele must pay 70 EUR as a fine at the spot in cash for the lost chip or valid photo-ID must be presented to retrieve one’s bike and gear.

TIMING:  Athletes must wear the timing chip on their ankle at all times during the race. The race bib must be visible at the back throughout the bike segment and in front throughout the run segment. The timing service at the event is provided by Antrotsenter OÜ.

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: Ambulance will be covering the events’ medical service throughout the race day. During the bike leg, the ambulance service will be located in the middle of cycling loop. During the run segment, the ambulance will be available at the finish area in the event centre.

Additionally, teams of voluntary medical personnel are present at the course.

CATERING: Catering is organised at finish area in the catering tent. Catering is FREE OF CHARGE for athletes (present your wristband).

Catering centre is opened from 11:30 until the last finisher arrives. Spectators, visitors etc. can purchase the food from the menu until 21:00. Only cash payments are accepted.

MASSAGE: The Estonian Massage and Therapy School with its students offers each athlete a FREE massage session for recovery (apprx 10 minutes/person). We suggest to schedule your massage after the shower.

SHOWERS: Each athlete with one companion has a FREE entry to Keila Tervisekeskus (sport centre) – steam sauna, Finnish sauna, pool and shower rooms. Present your wristbands.

FINISHER LOUNGE: Located next to the catering tents (facing the finish lane), finishers will find a lounge for relaxing, sharing emotions and cheering for other athletes.

AWARD CEREMONY:  The award ceremony starts as soon as possible after the last finisher. The predictable time for that is 22:30.The ceremony takes place in Keila Tervisekeskus (sport centre) sport hall.

RESULTS, PHOTOS AND DIPLOMAS:  Results are visible on the Triathlon Estonia web page (link to results will be shown on homepage).

Results are presented in real time as non-official results on the Triathlon Estonia web page. Official results will be confirmed during the three days after the race and will be published on www.triathlonestonia.ee.

The finisher list is a public document.

The organiser has the right to use and publish all the photos and videos taken by the organiser for marketing purposes.

AFTER THE EVENT: Prizes can be delivered to athletes at their own cost.

Organisers have the right to change the program and conditions in it, if it is inevitably necessary.



Wishing you the best emotions,

Triathlon Estonia team